French Toast Alert Wicked High!!!

Daddy says when snow is in the forecast you have to make french toast. I really like french toast in the winter time. Snow was forecast overnight, so today Daddy and I made french toast.

Add Egs

You Need Eggs

Daddy says we make our french toast with eggs, milk, vanilla, sugar and cinnamon.

Break eggs

Add More Eggs

We were using a whole loaf of bread so we needed a lot of eggs.   The some vanilla, sugar and cinnamon and beat everything together.

Everythings in the Bowl

Everythings in the Bowl

Beat eggs

Beat Everything Together

Still Beating

Keep Beating Till You Are Tired

When you have it all beaten together it’s time to cook.

We Keep The French Toast Warm in the Oven

We Keep The French Toast Warm in the Oven

Stack of french toast

This is a Wicked High Stack of French Toast According to Daddy

When it is all done you get to sit down and enjoy a yummy treat for breakfast.

Breakfast is Ready Everybody!

Breakfast is Ready Everybody!

Looks Yummy

Looks Yummy



This was great, I hope we get more snow tommorow!

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2 Responses to French Toast Alert Wicked High!!!

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  2. That stack of French toast looked big enough for me to eat, what are you going to have?

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